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In need of prayer.


Hello everyone.  I will spare you the intricite details but I am in need of prayer as I have been struggling with an addiction for over 25 years now.  everytime I think I have this thing beat and feel closer to God than ever I fall again.  Please pray for me to finally have victory and complete repentance over this as I really do wish to see my lord and Savior in Heaven and I feel that he is coming very soon so I need victory over this before it is too late.

No addiction can separate you from Christ if you're saved, which is definitely an encouraging thought, but addictions can cause problems with many facets of life.

"No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us." - Romans 8:37

Keep holding on, victory will be ours through Christ, regardless of whether or not we're strong enough. :)

You can overcome addictions form remineralising your body Check out the life regenerator on youtube Most addictions come from a lack of nutrients especially minerals in the body doing juicing will do wonders for you your body will be totally be fed and you will not need the substacnes anymore God bless

I will pray that you will overcome addiction once and for all! In God nothing is impossible! Best wishes// Elsa


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